Friday, May 09, 2008

Illustrating Illustration

I am currently curating an exhibition with Mary Butler (who is directing it) on Illustration. It is probably the most exciting project I've ever taken part on.
Fellow artists include Saturio Alonso, Steven Aylin, BrenB, Melinda Beck, Ina Fiebig, Jordin Isip, Ana Juán, Keko, Paula Sanz Caballero and Chris Sickels.
This is the piece I've produced for the event, that will be showcased in Kilkenny in June and then in Tomares, Seville in November this year.
I've decided to illustrate a text by Francisco Javier Fernández de Liencres on the development of moral values.
It's done in three inks and you probably have to see it quite big to see the details on the drawings.

Hope you like it


Lee Grace's Illustrations and design said...

love it, the whole exhibition is really shaping up nicely! Can't wait to see it

Terry Byrne said...

I agree. Look forward to seeing it in Tomares.