Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Famous Rejects

I am clearing my hard drive from jobs done last year. I've come across this poster that never made it. It was very influenced by Saturio Alonso's Olmo pieces.

I also got to see the three attempts to get to the final image for this film festival... It was quite difficult to get the mood they were looking for. I never have to rework completely an image and in this case, I had to do it THREE times! Funny enough, they were happy with the last option but I had to change the foreground girl to a boy (I am normally asked the opposite)

Looking back on it (and to the very final images they used) you can see how the customer was right to push in a different direction. The final images are much stronger in both cases... There must be a lesson to be learned somewhere, I think.

You can find the final image of the Fresh Film Festival in this same blog (24th October 2007)


Anonymous said...

I see the poster made it back.... cheeky.


Alé Mercado said...

Jaisus! you have an internet image detector?