Friday, May 16, 2008

Broadsheet 8

Today was the launch of the eight issue of the Broadsheet. The only regular poetry publication I know of in the South East area along with the Rhyme Rag (also published by the Arts Office Kilkenny County Council)
This year the concept in the design was the moment when a poem is born. For me is a combination of factors: idea/concept and a place where the poem becomes something tangible: ink! (and paper)

The folding is kind of interesting too, helping a lot develop the narrative of the concept (which is structured in illustrated panels)

Someone (sorry I can't remember your name) told me at the launch that it was very urban... and I thought: "Hell, Yeah!"

Thanks as usual to Mary and Niamh for giving me the opportunity of taking part in these fantastic projects

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Famous Rejects

I am clearing my hard drive from jobs done last year. I've come across this poster that never made it. It was very influenced by Saturio Alonso's Olmo pieces.

I also got to see the three attempts to get to the final image for this film festival... It was quite difficult to get the mood they were looking for. I never have to rework completely an image and in this case, I had to do it THREE times! Funny enough, they were happy with the last option but I had to change the foreground girl to a boy (I am normally asked the opposite)

Looking back on it (and to the very final images they used) you can see how the customer was right to push in a different direction. The final images are much stronger in both cases... There must be a lesson to be learned somewhere, I think.

You can find the final image of the Fresh Film Festival in this same blog (24th October 2007)

Africa Day in Kilkenny

This is a design I've done for the Africa Day in Kilkenny which looks like it's going to be great fun.
I've tried to tie a few things in the concept: colour, roots, sound (explosion), afro culture... although you could argue it looks more Jamaican... but Jamaican has a good bit of afro, hasn't it?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Illustrating Illustration Cover and Poster

This is the cover and poster for the exhibition I am curating/directing with Mary Butler. Fantastic project and great opportunity to be in touch with some of the greatest illustrators in the world.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Illustrating Illustration

I am currently curating an exhibition with Mary Butler (who is directing it) on Illustration. It is probably the most exciting project I've ever taken part on.
Fellow artists include Saturio Alonso, Steven Aylin, BrenB, Melinda Beck, Ina Fiebig, Jordin Isip, Ana Juán, Keko, Paula Sanz Caballero and Chris Sickels.
This is the piece I've produced for the event, that will be showcased in Kilkenny in June and then in Tomares, Seville in November this year.
I've decided to illustrate a text by Francisco Javier Fernández de Liencres on the development of moral values.
It's done in three inks and you probably have to see it quite big to see the details on the drawings.

Hope you like it

Archives - Pericón 2002

I was talking to my uncle Pepe last night. He's always been a fantastic supporter of my work (gracias tito!) He had recently visited the blog and was commenting on how much my illustration had evolved... Something I really can't see. So I got to look at some old stuff this morning. I normally don't do that because all I see are imperfections and I end up getting depressed.
Anyway, I came across a 7 page comic I had done back in 2002. Written by Fernando Crespo, it was part of a series on anecdotes
of the famous flamenco singer Pericón de Cádiz. I was never able to follow it through and it has remained unfinished.
Still I though it might be of interest to you to have a look at some ancient work... If my memory serves me well, it's the first one I coloured in Photoshop.