Friday, May 16, 2008

Broadsheet 8

Today was the launch of the eight issue of the Broadsheet. The only regular poetry publication I know of in the South East area along with the Rhyme Rag (also published by the Arts Office Kilkenny County Council)
This year the concept in the design was the moment when a poem is born. For me is a combination of factors: idea/concept and a place where the poem becomes something tangible: ink! (and paper)

The folding is kind of interesting too, helping a lot develop the narrative of the concept (which is structured in illustrated panels)

Someone (sorry I can't remember your name) told me at the launch that it was very urban... and I thought: "Hell, Yeah!"

Thanks as usual to Mary and Niamh for giving me the opportunity of taking part in these fantastic projects


Terry Byrne said...

This looks shit hot, Alé! Really impressed by it. U must give me a look at it when I'm back in Ireland sometime. Muy bien hecho!

scalder said...

That does look good! Can you send me one? And how can I get on the mailing list for future issues?