Friday, May 09, 2008

Archives - Pericón 2002

I was talking to my uncle Pepe last night. He's always been a fantastic supporter of my work (gracias tito!) He had recently visited the blog and was commenting on how much my illustration had evolved... Something I really can't see. So I got to look at some old stuff this morning. I normally don't do that because all I see are imperfections and I end up getting depressed.
Anyway, I came across a 7 page comic I had done back in 2002. Written by Fernando Crespo, it was part of a series on anecdotes
of the famous flamenco singer Pericón de Cádiz. I was never able to follow it through and it has remained unfinished.
Still I though it might be of interest to you to have a look at some ancient work... If my memory serves me well, it's the first one I coloured in Photoshop.

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