Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rhyme Rag 2008

Rhyme Rag 2008 is here! At the moment I am still developing it, but you'll be glad to know it is very well advanced.
This year I've opted for the even more complicated task of creating a full page comic with each one of the poems.
You can see here one of the panels of a beautiful poem called Morphine by Sorcha Reilly.

Adapting the poems to the comic format has been the most difficult job so far; as I didn't want to take a literal approach. I have reinterpreted the poems in a comic narrative context. This means I've used the images for some of the actions of the poems and the words for some others. While trying to keep the musicality and pace intrinsic to the poem... In other words, I am exhausted!

This week I should be posting much more stuff on the Rhyme Rag, so keep tuned!


Lee Grace - Design & Illustration said...

can't wait to see the rest of it all, it sounds intense.! have you decided on any particular format yet for final print?

Alé Mercado said...

Not closed yet. But it looks like 6,75" x 9" Something in between Rhyme Rag #2 and Rhyme Rag #3
It will also be completely BW (except for the cover)

Lee Grace - Design & Illustration said...

Nice, looking forward to seeing the finished article