Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Illustrating Illustration Exhibition

Well, the exhibition is up and running.
The official opening was last Friday. We had a fantastic crowd and the place was buzzing with energy. All works look fantastic.
So I am delighted with it.
Hope some of you can make to it.

This is BRENB and Saturio to the back moments before No.72 was opened to the public

The catalogues were praised all evening.

People attending the opening. In the front we ca see Padhraig Nolan representing the IGI

Deputy Mayor of Kilkenny, Seán Ó hArgáin, and Deputy Mayor of Tomares, Alberto Mercado de la Higuera, did the honours of officially opening the exhibition


scalder said...

what a spiffing looking event (...and crowd!) More power to your elbow dude!

Alé Mercado said...

I know, you should have been there!