Sunday, December 16, 2007

Barnstorm Posters for The Bus

I am delighted to have been involved in this fantastic project. We are almost ready to go to print.
The poster image was done as I usually develop my images: once I was happy with the composition, I inked the drawing (hunt 102 nibs again and Indian ink). Now I tried a different approach in the digital stage. I scanned it as a greyscale image, converted it to RGB and started painting directly with Photoshop. I used most of the natural brushes at low opacity and low flow. It resulted in a quite long time to cover areas but fantastic textures (I wanted to make the bus look a bit rusty...)

The brochure is also a nice piece that I hope to show you as soon as it comes back from the printer.

Talk soon.

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CathyArtLinks said...

Hi Ale,
Great illustration for the Bus! and have enjoyed looking at your sketches too